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Rice Husk Ash Cement

When rice husks are burnt at a low enough temperature the ash can be ground into a fine powder that can be mixed into cement (30% RHA, 70% Portland cement) to have a 28-day strength test at the level of 100% Portland cement. This technology benefits people in low income areas as it cuts down on the cost of cement. Rice husks for burning are plentiful in the Southeast Asian region as rice is a staple crop. The most costly aspect of this technology is the grinder required. The villagers at the CVBT produce this cement for purchase. The CVBT also has plans for the Pichai Grinder using local materials. To receive a copy, please include $20 for postage and handling. The CVBT is also a supplier of Pichai Rod mill Model PR-11. The price (excluding shipping) is U.S. $800.00 Allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. Specify motor requirements (e.g., 220V single phase 50 Hz or 380V, 3 phase 50 Hz). Rice Husk Ash Article RICE HUSK ASH by Nick Zemke and Emmet Woods