Construction manual - what is meant by "cement (mortar)"?

Submitted by sogreene on Tue, 31/07/2012 - 04:50

We have a question about a page in the construction manual.
What is meant by cement (mortar) in the context:
Material usage per square meter
Blocks 33.33 blocks
Cement (mortar) 3.13kg
Sand 7.50litre
Soil Dust 0.3kg

The way I have understood the construction I would think this
refers to the 2cm bed of rich cement at the base of the wall.
Is this correct?

Submitted by geoffrey on Tue, 31/07/2012 - 04:51


Dear Sophie, This is not the 2 cm mortar bed to the level first layer. This is an estimate for the grout poured into the small holes in the block.