ISCB Use Oversease

Submitted by laurence on Fri, 30/11/2012 - 10:49

Can you please tell me, to the best of your knowledge.
If someone wanted to use the Interlocking Soil Cement bricks in regulated western countries, will they be allowed without any great difficulty?
For example i would like to build with them in the USA.
Can i assume that if the plans are drawn by an architect who understands ISCB, checked by an engineer who understands ISCB, and then submitted to whatever local county planning office, can i assume that structures planned from ISCB will pass all relevant codes etc?

Submitted by geoffrey on Fri, 30/11/2012 - 10:52


Dear Mr. Fagan,

I do not know how difficult it will be.  Building codes help to
make building permit process easier.  Design your building to
the code and it will be approved.  I believe that Arizona, New
Mexico and California have some building codes dealing
with earth construction.  Some municipalities have extended
codes for earth construction.  You will need to compare the
codes to our blocks to see whether the codes are applicable.
Construction in an earthquake zone will require a more
stringent code.  The alternative to designing to a code is to
have a structural engineer do calculations to determine the
forces the building will be subject to and the specifications
for the walls to resist those forces.  Please tell us what you
find out.