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Roofing Tiles

We carry Roman II, Pantile, and Semi-sheet Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles. Our tiles are asbestos free. Early on the CVBT discovered that the ridge conventionally used failed to meet the needs of the local community, specifically in terms of appearance and ease of installation. The CVBT developed a winged-ridge system consisting of two nesting curved ridges, a curved end cap, and “wings” that go in the troughs of the tiles. The system has so far proven itself leak proof. No wet mortar is required for its installation. This winged ridge is attractive, easy to make and easy to install. One limitation of this system is that only double pitched roofs can be easily accommodated. To build the equipment for winged ridge production, plans are available from the CVBT. Please include US $20 to cover postage and handling. The CVBT carries the frames and molds for each style. Prices Winged Ridge Equipment Set for Pantile Winged Ridge Equipment Set for Roman II Winged Ridge Equipment Set for Semi Sheet Roof Tiles