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Price Charts

Winged Ridge Equipment Set for Pantile 

Winged Ridge Equipment Set for Roman II

Winged Ridge Equipment Set for Semi Sheet

Full List of Equipment and Prices

The following equipment are in highest demand for production; several are described in further detail below.

BP6 Block Press
CT2 Compression Tester
PP1 Pocket Penetrometer See how to use a penetrometer.
SP3 Soil Pulverizer
Curing Chamber Tarp

Soeng Thai Interlocking Compressed Earth Block Press Model BP6
Produces 9 block variations
Block size 30 x 15 x 10 cm
Four people can produce 300 blocks per day
Six-point block height adjustment: fine threads ensure accurate adjustment
Joints use greasible bronze budhings that can be replaced when worn
Can be taken apart for maintenance and repair
Price: $1640
Block Press

Soeng Thai Soil Pulverizer Model SP3
Appropriate for nodulat lateritic (stony laterite) soils or softer soils
Easy to clean: the hopper will tilt away and the screen can be removed for easy cleaning
Single-phase 3-hp electric motor or 4-hp Honda gasoline engine (CDI electronic ignition
Replaceable high-quality bearings (SKF or NTN)
Hardened replaceable fingers
High-speed rotation for a fine grind (typical particle size is less than 4 mm)
Electric motor has magnetic switch for overload protection
Price $910
Soil Pulverizer

Pocket Penetrometer PP1
In the process of making compressed earth blocks it is necessary to test the compression/density of the blocks. The blocks are tested at six different locations to ensure an even density throughout. It is also used to determine the block charge weight. The CVBT carries a Go/No-Go penetrometer that can be calibrated.

Parry Roofing Tile Technology

The CVBT features Parry vibrated concrete roof tile equipment. Parry Roman II molds are made from strong durable plastic. The CVBT has used them for over 15 years.

Description of Roman II system

Pary Semi-sheet molds are made from polystyrene and are not as durable as Roman II molds but still of good long-lasting quality. The CVBT has used Parry Semi-Sheet molds for over 15 years.

Description of Semi-sheet system

Parry Curved Interlocking Block Technology
The CVBT also features Parry curved interlocking concrete block technology for water tanks. Two water tanks at the CVBT are made from these blocks; they provide drinking water for the whole year. This technology requires some skill and care in assembly. Leak-free water tanks need well-mortared blocks.
Description of curved interlocking water tank blocks

Nunnikhoven Paving Slab Molds    (Formerly Advantage Plus)
Nunnikhoven ABS paving slab molds have been used by NGOs in South East Asia for several years now. They are durable.
Click Here to download a Nunnikhoven Mold Catalog.

Armcon Paving Slab Molds
Armcon paving slab molds are made from polyproplyene and last about 4 years with continuous use. The CVBT has used Armcon molds for almost 20 years.
Click Here to look at Armcon's mold catalog